Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Porsche AG realized a really impressive Porsche, all covered with gold. Porsche AG is a German manufacturer of automobiles majority, owned by Austrian Porsche a Piech Families.
The 100% golden Porsche looks amazing and I don’t think it is that easy to buy one of this interesting Porsche.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Addicted to cosmetics and makeup products, we spotted this capri jeans wearing woman trying to make up her mind choosing the thousands of different women beauty oriented products at a department store. She was assisted several times by a black uniformed lady who was in charge of the department, but she refused any help stating that she knew what she was looking for. Her feet used a pair of black ankle tied strappy cork wedge sandals helped by the special butt enhancing tight jeans.

This home cleaning maid was taking her time to pick up some hardware materials that her patron's mansion needed. Take into account that she is using the per requirement maid uniform. Special attention this maid uniform deserves in that the pants she has is a little suggestive and explanatory. Look at the lower right inset picture and you will see a more detailed pant's butt section. It lets her patron fantasize a little bit more than what is allowed. Normally, maids should wear long skirts in order to differentiate them from the members of the family and to disuade any body attraction and flesh temptations that may develop with other employees or with members of the family she is working with.

Round, bulging and protruding hips of fleshy latina lady standing near a hospital entrance. She had wrinkles in her jeans near the crotch part. Her waist was covered with a linen beige shirt. Bored to stand for so long time, she had her arms crossed which helped to get a better view of her Seiko watch with metal bands. The watch looked dull and unshiny, evidence of her constant wrist sweating which degrades the watch's metal parts and finish. Try to not get hypnotized by the convection of her crotch. It is so "V" that all our senses tend to linger there for no appreciative reason for her.

Rounded butt college chick having a good lunch after 2 consecutive classes. She unscrupulously took advantage of all her boyfriends by flirting and later making them pay for her lunches and even dinners. Portraying her ass with tight contour hugging pants and boobs enhancing shirts. Here you can see her getting her lunch to go. Her name is Melissa Ascona. She doesn't even study at all, because every day her task list is full of advantage taking appointments scheduled with dozens of so called boyfriends. After our investigation, we notified the college principal concerning her activities and 2 days later she was dropped out from college.

These two colombian women are well paid drug lord attorneys. They represent two colombian drug cartels in 4 cities.

The job of these ladies is to defend "by all legal means" the interests and personnel of the drug cartels. They earn around 2000 to 3000 usd per court appearance. They have won around 14 cases involving low profile drug smuggling cases. Both drive expensive cars and dress professionally. The one on the right has one cartel assigned armed bodyguard, but 4 months after this intelligence picture was taken, she was found intoxicated inside her expensive and luxurious apartment suite. One month later she had her attorney license revoked and cancelled by the government.

The other girl on the left married a rich businessman who was killed in a strange car accident 2 weeks after their marriage. It seems that working for drug related cases makes an awful dent in your life. I advise all drug attorneys working for drug lords to quit their job, because your family and yourself will suffer from the damage you do by helping release drug thiefs back into society.

Black latina english student girl has round, fleshy and juicy pair of lips. She is called Tiara Sarmiento and studies intermediate english at a local private english academy school. Her waist is protected by a nice canvas military belt and a very tight tube pants. The earring she was wearing made a good match with her fleshy lips.

Smiling and giggling Aruba chicks walking th sidewalk with booty bodies, tight to the calves pants and contour wrapping shirts. The one with the orange shirt and capri walked with a flirtatious and attractive style swinging her purse and position spreading her legs while she stood with her friends near the entrance of a little known hotel.

Couple of colombian girls getting into a taxi in Cartagena, Colombia. They leave the hotel quickly and rush into a taxi swiftly. They came to the hotel during the night and never returned anymore during my stay. Both wore tight jeans without belts and sunglasses.

Another fleshy latina brazilian booby girl with some very generous busty chest. In fact, she really knows how to make the viewer emphasize her body attributes and distract the attention away from her face. It is very clear and pretty evident she wants people to see her breasts by using a pink ribbon necklace dangling a big fashion pendant of the same color. It shines, flashes and gleams like an SOS strobelight right in the middle of her breasts. Everyone around her stared in the middle of her cups immediately. It was like a magnet for the eyes around. Even other women and ladies around her felt envy and jealousy over her frontal natural attributes.

This security guard is not allowing this nice round assed booty aruba woman to enter the shopping mall. He states to have strict orders of not allowing anyone to enter to use the restrooms. Apparently this woman wanted to get into the mall just to use the restrooms for free.
She did not have any intentions of shopping or eating inside the mall, she intended to just get rid of her accumulated body fluid and have some body cleaning/makeup.
She had to leave because the guard never allowed her in.

I was at the netcafe of a good friend of mine and suddenly this friendly gal with a pleasant smile presented herself at my friend's counter. She paid three bucks for 2 hours of computer use. When my friend unlocked the PC, she immediately sat there, put her red purse beside the reddish oak table and began opening the email client to write some emails. While seated there, I noticed she had to put the heel of her red sandals over the seat's wheel frame in order to obtain a better typing posture. This action made her back become straightened and her buttocks to bulge. She didn't even use the seat's backrest and typed vigorously and viciously up to the point that called our attention several times. On the table, beside her mouse, you can see a foam cup with coffee. My friend told me that before she sat there, a person left the cup of coffee half filled. The coffee was still warm and after ten minutes of using the PC, she incredibly drank some coffee from the cup ! ! Seems like she forgot that the cup of coffee didn't belong to her and she inadvertently sipped some coffee herself fromt he foam cup. Without even knowing it, she continued typing furiously. Her concentration was so focused on the keyboard, that she didn't even know that the coffee she drank did not belong to her.

Nice black shirt dressed Jewish woman with her arms crossed. She works at a delicious restaurant serving jewish flavored and exquisite dishes. Her sister is the owner of the restaurant and share the management with her. Her father is a well known millionaire in this country and a prominent daily political figure known for crushing the competition and helping the most needed. Of interest is this woman's tight blue jeans. She has a good and roundy buttocks profile. The man dressed in the blue shirt standing beside her in the inset picture tried to establish a casual conversation with her, but she promptly totally ignored his intentions.

Smiling while walking on the walkway, this latin chick is exposing her navel with the help of this U neck shaped horizontal striped lines shirt. She fastens her stonewashed jeans using a shiny graciously decorated white fashion scaled belt.

Night club barmaid leaving her work after a night's work serving drinks in cigarette smoke polluted closed environments. Women who engage in these types of work often encounter lung diseases in less than 7 years. She carries a black jacket and wears a black shirt with golden stamped flowers in it. Her hair it tied with a feather decorated hair tie. Her continous coughing while climbing the stairs indicated me she has several years breathing that noxious and polluted air.

Big dark colored umbrella was carrying this latina lady with white tie back halter.What makes this so special is that it is made with two layers of cotton rib knit so that a bra isn't necessary. It ties at the neck and twice in the back for a modest fit while enhancing the breasts. Take a look at her silver necklace along with her tight jeans. Although her thighs are not that wide enough, it looks very firm and fleshy which is good.

It was Friday and this lady was allowed to go to work dressed with casual sport clothing. Sadly, the day turned cloudy, rainy and wet so she was prepared and took a blue flower stamped umbrella with her. Notice her broad thighs and the constricted blue jeans she wears. Along with her belt she also carries a decorative hanging rope that swings sexily from side to side when she walks and moves her thighs.

True genuine blonde chicks that seem like tourists trying to figure out where they are going. It is unusual to see these girls around, most blondes around here are fake imitation dreaming to be blonde latinas. Both chicks have a practical hand woven bag made of root fibers extracted from a plant that only grows in hot climates.

Latina cutie waiting inside her boyfriend's car suddenly found herself in front of a police officer in bicycle trying to nail down a parking ticket into her car. Apparently, the car was parked beside a handicap marked parking space and that is what called the attention of the police officer to come over.
She tried to explain to the officer that her boyfriend just left the car parked there momentarily because he needed to buy some medicine at the grocery store and she offered to stay inside the car in case it needs to be moved.
After hearing her version, the officer merely grinned a little and continued jotting down the details of the car such ad license plate number, date, address and color of the car. The cutie asked why he continued to issue the ticket after hearing her explanation and the officer answered that "if a handicapped vehicle were to come and saw your boyfriend's car parked in his place, he wouldn't be able to get out of the car and ask her to move over. If the handicap were able to do that, then it wouldn't be a handicapped person at all !" The police officer proceeded to hand over the ticket to the cutie and she just took it all pissed off and put it in the windshield.

Frontal view of lady, mother of two, wearing a blue shirt with beaded laces near her breasts. She also uses a black rope necklace with a heart shaped pendant decorated with fashion shining diamonds. Notice her sway gait that is apparent in the picture when she walks toward the camera. Her eyes are pitch black as well as her hair color unlike other ladies who like to be what they are not meant to be by dying their hair with harmful chemicals.

Laziness has never gotten better than this. The woman on the left is a supermarket employee and the pink shirt wearing chick on the right is her little sister. They both stood there talking and gossiping about personal matters for more than an hour while during that time dozens of customers walked around them trying to shop for usual grocery goods. Had this lady worked and served her purpose as an employee, customers would have at least felt some customer attention benefit of shopping there. But she didn't care at all with the customers neither her little sister. I called the supermarket's chief supervisor and he assured me she will receive a written and verbal admonition.

Chunky, meaty and beefy stuffed Republica Dominicana woman leaving the soccer stadium after supporting the Argentinian soccer team that came to play. Notice her white team shirt highlighting the contour of her heavy breasts. Under the shirt, there goes a blue jeans capri tightly fitted to her waist, legs and calves that barely allows breathing. Even with a short hair, heat makes her tie it with a white flower elastic hair tie.

It was a windy Monday and there appeared this sporty casual colombian chick carrying a beach sized red bag and walking on a pair of white sneakers. See her grabbing her hair so the wind will not blow it into her face. Her body size was rather small, slender and trim. I am willing to imagine her in high heel pumps, tight medium skirts and a formal dark colored shirt with collar so men around her bow to show respect. She carried this relaxed and careless look in her eyes which makes you think she is very easy to deceive.

Meaty, chunky, and beefy college student chick with black v shaped halter, close fitted blue jeans and flexible platform sandals. She carries a black binder under her arm. Using halters, she accentuates the attention into her busts and boobs. Being a little shy, you can notice that she unconsciously tries to cover her bust with the binder because every male around her tries to look into the valley of the peaks. Also, standing with that pose with one relaxed leg and the other supporting the body's weight makes her look bold and attractive.

Boobalicious breasts chick under a cyan shoulder exposing halter and tight jeans is walking beside a bus after getting down from it. She is in a hurry to meet with some friends across the street. Notice her cheaply dyed hair and hairdo, but her smile and willing to go to work happy every day is genuine.

Tired working latina chick is fixing her hair after an exhaustive day working as a tax consultant and auditor. She is an accountant and certified by the government to visit businesses and audit their accounting books in high heels, pink shirts, tight trousers and sexy legs. This way, businesses and store owners can invite her for lunch and talk about the accounting issues and how much money they can pay or bribe her to keep her mouth shut. Problem with her is that she has never accepted any bribe money and that is why you can see her traveling by public bus, taking taxis and having constant headaches due to financial problems where money is key factor to fix all that, otherwise you will see her driving a Lexus and wearing name brand clothes. Respect for her loyalty to the national government ! Her superiors will get the bribe money she refuses to get anyways.

Young latina girl has a nice biege colored over the neck halter with fine flower decorated borders. She also has a silver pendant in the necklace you can see around her neck. The black bag carries a Sony VAIO ultra thin notebook PC of her boyfriend. You can see her here standing outside of a grocery store waiting for her boyfriend who got in there to buy something. It is of interesting to point out how the tight pants concentrates its squeezing power into her crotch making it look wrinkled. Also, the same pants make her buttocks and hips look so round that it could virtually temp anyone standing beside her to pierce the personal respect barrier and caress those round butts. The ATM machine beside her has nothing to do with her, it is just embedded into the wall for other financial uses.


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